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If you are looking for a solid, functional and easy to use torrent downloader, Bitlord torrent donwloader is maybe the thing you want to take for a spin. It has all the functions you need for downloading your favorite HD- movies, music and software in a matter of minutes!

The first thing we noticed when we opened the Bitlord torrent downloader, is that it has a minimalistic interface that’s very easy to understand. As usual, you got the download en RSS feed options. At the top, you have a menu bar where you can choose to browse for torrents on file sharing sites, add torrent files from your computer and even schedule your downloadable content. There is also a preference button where you can change settings and install plugins for the Bitlord torrent downloader.


Bitlord’s own web browser:

This is a great future for searching file sharing sites for your favorite torrent files. You can download them straight in Bitlord torrent downloader. We think it works better than the browser baked in the Vuze torrent downloader, because it’s easy to use, fast and better positioned in the Bitlord navigation bar for the user experience.


Birlord’s DL scheduler:

With the DL-scheduler option you can choose when your download’s or uploads will stop, give low speed or start full speed. This way you control your data usage and set a number to schedule the amount of active torrents.


Why use Bitlord as your default torrent downloader?

  • User-friendly interface.
  • The option to schedule the amount and speed of torrent files.
  • Built in browser.
  • Built in torrent search bar.
  • Be able to comment on torrents while downloading.
  • Torrent RSS feed reader.
  • Scores for safety in search engine.
  • A “Tracker Adder” that adds trackers that BitLord knows about to your torrent.
  • Tracker adder when Bitrlord has information about your torrent file.

This article was written by Ruben